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Quenzel Marketing Agency guides its clients to achieve the results they want. Whether your marketing objectives involve entering new markets, growing existing markets, or turning around a declining market; our team of experienced brand marketers bring a consistent track record for quickly driving measurable, year-over-year growth to your business, brand and marketing efforts.

Built on the basic marketing principle that increasing marketing response rates is much more profitable than increasing marketing spending,

Quenzel Marketing Agency helps clients achieve significant year-over-year growth (20%-50% range) without increasing their expenses.


Our 3-Pronged Approach

Quenzel’s 3-pronged integrated brand-marketing methodology isolates the optimal value
proposition for your core target customer, identifies your most effective messaging strategy
to drive behavior, delivers integrated marketing campaigns on time and within budget, and
provides advanced marketing R.O.I. tracking, reporting & analysis.


Meet our team!

Colleen Quenzel
Colleen QuenzelFounder and CEO

Colleen founded Q&A in 2005 bringing 20+ years of
marketing experience, including the development of
the “Miles for Magazines” customer loyalty program,
partnering with 8 of the top 10 U.S. airlines.

Earl Quenzel
Earl QuenzelPartner
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During his career, Earl was recruited by two major airlines and the leading telecom brand to help guide them through industry deregulation and lead the marketing teams tasked with transforming from operating in a highly regulated business environment to winning in a highly competitive,
deregulated marketing environment. Earl was also recruited by two start-up ventures to lead the marketing and sales teams responsible for developing and
launching two successfully travel brands: the Travel Channel
in 1988 and the eCommerce brand Priceline.com across
Europe in 2000.

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